Taking in the Big Picture


Why thoughtful matters

North of Nine's thoughtful approach to communications lies at the heart of our work. The way we position and message our clients, the media and social platforms we engage, and the team members we bring to the table are all adapted to where our clients are today, and where they want to go. As business partners, we believe in delivering straightforward advice that is characterized by honesty and integrity above all.

Be understandable, relevant and newsworthy

We apply our expertise to ensure that what makes each client unique is understandable, relevant and newsworthy. This approach leads us to the sweet spot for every client: thoughtful programs and campaigns that are custom-built from the ground up, from planning to execution. That's what makes our clients (and us) stand out in a noisy and competitive field.


we grow with you

As a boutique agency, we offer clients the creativity, focused attention and flexibility they need. And as a member of the WPP and Young & Rubicam family of companies, we easily scale to meet new needs as our clients grow with the resources of a large agency.